How to put a Realistic Price on your Wedding Flowers

Since opening The Flower Studio in 2009 I have quoted for over 350 weddings and the majority of Brides that those quotes have gone to have come back and booked us as their wedding florists – we have been so privileged to work on some amazing weddings, from small intimate secret days to full-blown, unlimited budget, flowers everywhere, extravaganzas!

But I often hear Brides and Grooms (and Mothers!) complain about the expense of wedding flowers – “but you can buy them in Tesco/Shoprite/Marksy’s for a fiver – how can a bouquet be THAT expensive?”

Now I know everyone has a price limit, whether it is £50, £500 or £5000, and wedding flowers are a difficult area of your big day to budget for as it is a very variable item. A wedding dress has a price tag, a suit has a price tag, wedding rings have a price tag, but pretty much everything can change in costing wedding flowers when you take in to account changing seasons and availability.

So hopefully this article will explain a little about what goes into preparing, designing and delivering your wedding flowers.

Vintage Tied Posy

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White Hydrangeas and a Pop of Colour!

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