Christmas Tree Out – Houseplant In!

As tradition stands, January 5th or the eve of the Epiphany is considered the end of Christmas celebrations, and the day when the Christmas tree and decorations are removed from your house and packed away safely until next year.  I always find this a very therapeutic process as it is usually the first proper ‘house clean’ of the year, especially if you have had a … Continue reading Christmas Tree Out – Houseplant In!

Fusion Flowers Fabulous Freesia

Flying, Filming, and Freesia

The last few days have been a whirlwind of frantically getting myself organised to travel to Holland to film for the Fusion Flowers Fabulous Freesia Competition.  As the winner, my prize was to fly to Amsterdam to film a video tutorial showing how I made my winning design (below).  To say I was slightly nervous would be a massive understatement! It was an early start … Continue reading Flying, Filming, and Freesia

Happy Valentine's Day

Order now for Valentine’s Day!

Our roses are on their way from the Dutch auctions to our pretty little shop at Tynwald Mills and they are already selling fast! So if you are planning on treating your loved one to a beautiful bouquet this Valentine’s Day, whether it is traditional red roses, something pretty and vintage or a simple bunch of tulips, head on over to our website and get … Continue reading Order now for Valentine’s Day!

Rustic Gift Wrap Tutorial

Rustic Gift Wrap Tutorial

Here is a simple and effective way to wrap your Christmas presents – making them look so stylish you would hardly want to open them! What you need: Brown or plain paper Twine or ribbon Small fir cones or seed pods Small piece of Christmas tree greenery or evergreen foliage Decorated luggage label Strong glue or glue gun. Any other bits of pretty embellishments! Wrap your … Continue reading Rustic Gift Wrap Tutorial