Day 15 – Leucospermum saxosum

Leucospermum are evergreen shrubs native to South Africa, with these fascinating ‘pin cushion’ flowers that gradually unfurl like spindly spider legs. They always create a stir when I have them in stock and although on the slightly pricey side, they usually last at least 3 weeks in a vase.  They also don’t need much to accompany them… maybe some tropical leaves or grass to compliment but … Continue reading Day 15 – Leucospermum saxosum

Day 11 – Ceropegia

One of my favourite little plants (I say favourite a lot I know, but it’s true!)  Ceropegia woodii, or commonly known as ‘String of Hearts’ which describes it perfectly! This plant is fairly easy to look after, keep the soil a bit moist and give it plenty of light, but not direct midday sun as you will frazzle the delicate tendrils. I love to use Ceropegia in my … Continue reading Day 11 – Ceropegia

Day 10 – Lemiscus pulchellus*!

Today started of with some fairly mundane tasks… filing, pricing new stock, washing vases… then the postlady dropped off a parcel. I love receiving parcels, even if I know what is in them… the excitement and anticipation of what goodies are going to be inside, makes me feel like a 5 year old at Christmas! I knew who this parcel was from (my lovely Mum) and … Continue reading Day 10 – Lemiscus pulchellus*!

Day 9 – Hamamelis

Hamamelis mollis, or ‘Witchhazel’ to give it its more well known name, smells DIVINE! I always remember the first time I smelt this plant, and it was on my first visit to the wonder that is Kew Gardens.  For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this extraordinary place (you really should go!), there is a walkway that is flanked by lots of different species of Hamamelis.  … Continue reading Day 9 – Hamamelis

Day 8 – Galanthus nivalis

Otherwise known as the Snowdrop and it is the time of year when the bulbs start to break through the soil, truly signalling the end of winter and beginning of spring. Now, I have a confession to make… I actually took this photo in Scotland while I was studying/working with the National Trust for Scotland at Kellie Castle, but we do have Snowdrop bulbs for sale … Continue reading Day 8 – Galanthus nivalis