Flower of the Month – January

It’s cold, grey and dark outside. The holidays are over, there’s a chill in the air, and we’re already sick and tired of leaving for work in the dark and coming home after the sun has set. What better to lift your mood than a spectacular tulip bouquet, bursting with colour to turn that frown upside down. Tulip season officially starts in Holland on 20th January … Continue reading Flower of the Month – January

Flowers of the Month – Spring!

Spring is in the air and we love everything about Spring flowers – the bright colours, the sweet scents, the glorious variety to choose from and that you can grow most of them yourself in your garden from bulbs with little effort! Ranunculus originally comes all the way from Central Asia. It travelled through many exotic places before arriving in Europe, where it was given … Continue reading Flowers of the Month – Spring!

Flower of the Month – February – Alstroemeria

February is the month when we make a special effort to celebrate Love – and red roses have become synonymous with romance but what about expressing love to your friends and family? We love using the Language of Flowers in our work at The Flower Studio, and the Alstroemeria is used to symbolise enduring friendship. It’s therefore, the perfect gift to confirm a beautiful friendship. … Continue reading Flower of the Month – February – Alstroemeria


Flower of the Month – January – The Tulip

A new year, a new beginning. The tulip is ideal for welcoming in the new year with its brilliant colours and varied appearance. The ever-cheerful tulip comes in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or with multicoloured petals. The tulip’s shapes are also a feast for the eye. You can get them with a single or double row of petals, whilst there are also … Continue reading Flower of the Month – January – The Tulip

Roses are red….

… but don’t limit yourself!  At The Flower Studio this Valentine’s Day we have a full rainbow of beautiful roses to choose from… From pure white ‘Avalanche’ roses, to fresh yellow tones of ‘Ilios’,  shades of pink, including ‘Sorbet’ & ‘Heidi’ (I couldn’t resist those!) and pretty spray ‘Mimi Eden’. But if you are a traditionalist, we have a selection of red roses, including ‘Red Naomi’, ‘Black … Continue reading Roses are red….