Day 3 – Tulip ‘Gander’s Rhapsody’

Today’s post has been a bit tricky… the reason being that the windy weather has once again played havoc with the ferry sailings and my boxes of flowers are still sat in Heysham instead of in my nice clean vases 😦

Two of the flowers I have in the shop are ones I have already shown you (Narcissi & Amaryllis), and what is left is a vase of bear grass (pretty uninteresting on its own!) and some ever so tightly shut lilies (just shows how chilly its been in the shop this week!)

Then I spotted the couple of bunches of week old tulips that I had put behind the counter… slightly too open/droopy to sell, but far too beautiful to put in the bin, so they will get displayed in a vase in the shop somewhere…

Tulips are truly amazing flowers, as like most bulb flowers, they keep growing and stretching after they have been cut, so you have a display that evolves from day to day.  When you first buy them, they will sit upright and uniform in the vase, and after even 1 day, you will notice they have grown a couple of centimetres!  That is one reason I prefer a big bunch of tulips on their own, rather than mixing them with other flowers.

The colours will also change, as I’ve noticed with this variety ‘Gander’s Rhapsody’.  When they arrived in the shop, just over a week ago, they were a really bright pink colour with just a little white around the base of the petals.  The inside of the petals is still a gorgeous pink colour, but the white has gradually spread across the outside of the flower, giving a delicate two-tone effect.

The vase that these are displayed in is one from our Hands of Hope Collection – made by local craftsmen in Romania and brought to the Isle of Man by the Hands of Hope Charity.  All proceeds from the sale of the glass go straight back to the charity – fair trading at its best!



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