Day 2 – Narcissi ‘Grand Soleil d’or’

Spring isn’t here yet (as the gales and downright awful weather keep reminding us!) but these pretty flowers always get me a little excited about its arrival!

Narcissi are bulb plants and the natural flowering season for this variety is actually a bit later in the year towards May/June, but the Dutch growers being masters of their art are able to give us treats like this earlier than Mother Nature intended!

‘Grand Soleil d’Or’  literally translates as ‘Great Golden Sun’ and the scent that these little yellow and orange flowers produce is heavenly!

You may of heard not to mix Narcissi with other flowers because of their toxic sap, and while this is true, there is a way around it.  If the Narcissi have been in water on their own for at least 12 hours, and the stems are not re-cut, then they can be mixed with other blooms.

Want to know more about these cheerful flowers?  I found an ENTIRE blog dedicated to the daffodil!


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