Day 1 – Amaryllis ‘Minerva’

So, Project 365 should technically be Project 363 as we were closed for the first 2 days of the New Year, and to be honest, there were not many flowers to photograph!

Also, accept my apologies for the rubbish phone picture on this first post… I treated myself to a new camera yesterday and although it is nothing too spangly or posh (the Canon EOS 60D is still on my wishlist!) I still haven’t had chance to play with it properly and I didn’t want to use an excuse on the first day of this project!

So here it is, the Amaryllis (or Hippeastrum) ‘Minerva’, a stunningly beautiful flower, with red and white veined petals, which open up like magnificent trumpets.

I have a couple of top tips if you buy these flowers for your home and the first is to insert a clean wooden or plastic skewer inside the stem (which is hollow) and this gives it extra strength when all the large and heavy flowers open.  The second is to gently pull off the flowers once they have started to fade.  Stems of Amaryllis usually come with at least 4 flowers and these open in sequence.  Removing the faded blooms will encourage the others to open and make sure they stay in top condition for as long as possible.

I found this time lapse video on Youtube showing this gorgeous flower opening over the space of 5 days…

So there we go, my first Project 365 post and I am hoping my photographic skills will improve over the year (they can hardly get much worse can they!?).



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