A little treat for you….

… and a big challenge for me!

The reason I started writing this blog is I wanted to share some of the exciting and beautiful things in The Flower Studio with you lovely people far and wide… I had the pleasure of meeting a Californian lady who came into the shop to tell me how she enjoys reading Alright Petal? all the way over in the U.S. (*blush*).  So when I came across this article about Project 365, I thought I would give it a go.

My topic to blog about is, surprise surprise, going to be flowers and I will aim to take a photo each day in 2012 of different blooms in The Flower Studio, bringing you some of my favourites and showcasing some of the new and more interesting varieties that we stock.

The main reason I have chosen to take up this challenge, apart from to try and improve my blogging skills, is because I love flowers. Love them.  Possibly in a slightly geeky way…


5 thoughts on “A little treat for you….

  1. This is great. I read about project 365 and I think it is am awesome idea. I am not that good in photography, not at all I can say, and I am pretty sure I am not keeping the promise to myself to shoot or even write a post every day. I know me!

    Have fun!


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