A Smile and a Song

Good morning my lovelies!  Hope you haven’t all been blown away in the blustery gales today!

It truly is starting to feel more like Autumn every day and the colours in the shop are starting to reflect this.  Gone are the pretty pinks & blues of delphinums, scabious and sweet peas and in their place are warm oranges and reds with big Chrysanthemum blooms and fluffy Carthemus. Perfect to brighten up a chilly day.

On Saturday, the girls changed the window display to reflect the new season and filled it with Kiwi branches and beech leaves.  However, the addition of this little chap this morning certainly made it look authentic!

He must of been blown through the door with a gust of wind and was a bit dazed… I’m presuming that was the reason I was able to gently pick him up and take him outside…. made me feel a bit like Snow White!

He eventually regained his composure and flew off in to the trees.  What a lovely start to the week!


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