O the heather and gorse on old Bradda’s broad back…

…A mantle of purple and gold !
(No purple or gold need the Manxman e’er lack
While there’s heather and gorse on old Bradda’s broad back)…

(Excerpt from ‘A Book of Manx Poetry)

(Image courtesy of DEFA)

This morning I left the shop to do my deliveries in absolute torrential rain.  Grey, damp, cold…. not my idea of a great way to start the week I can tell you!

By the time I was driving back over the Sloc to St Johns, the clouds were parting, the rain had stopped and an eerie mist was rising from the trees.

The beautiful landscape of our Island never fails to take my breath away and I love September, because the hillsides turn into a patchwork of yellow gorse and purple heather, separated by the stitching of the grey stone walls.

(Image courtesy of IOM Gov Image Library)

 So, in honour of our pretty patchwork landscape, our Plant of the Month for September is the lovely heather.  We have two different types in the Garden Centre at the moment, Calluna, which is ‘Common Heather’ and Erica which is also known as ‘Bell Heather’.

All heathers prefer a slightly acidic soil, and most varieties are a pink to mauve colour although we also have a small quantity of white and red plants.

And what better plant to incorporate into a late Summer or Autumn wedding?  Pots of heather can be used as table centres, and why not use it in your bouquet or buttonholes?  I made this one this morning and tied it with a little Manx Tartan bow.

For more Heather Wedding Inspiration, you have to check out this Blog – The Brass Paperclip Project a wonderful world full of beautiful ideas for eco-friendly, yet stylish living!

(Image from the Brass Paperclip Project) 


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