Bumbling Bees…..

This morning I spent most of my time rescuing Bumble Bees from my shop window.  I feel like some kind of evil Bee-Catcher… the scent of my flowers lures the fuzzy little fellas into the shop, where they then get trapped in the window/vases/cobwebs (up in the roof where I can’t reach, and nobody really looks!).  So I try and rescue as many of them as I can, fully aware of the fact that people walking up the carpark towards the shop aren’t really sure what I am doing flailing around on the window sill and probably think I’m a bit bonkers!

Anyway, I have a weekend off the weddings this week, which was a fortunate occurance as I am spending tomorrow afternoon with my lovely sister-in-law at her Baby Shower.  Not sure what to expect from this as I have never been to one before, but it means that my nephew is getting closer to entering the world and that is super exciting!

I was slow to upload a few of our latest weddings, and for that I apologise (I blame the distraction of the Bees), so here are a few of my faves from the last couple of weeks….



That’s all for today, have a fabulous weekend and I will hopefully see you on Monday xx


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