Things that go ‘pfft’ in the night…

… I’m not good with onomatopoeia but that is the noise I think my Paeonies made the other night….

Remember the big beautiful Paeony ‘Red charm’ that I showed you on the 26th May?  Well, they wore me down, and I ended up buying a few to put in a vase in my living room, with some blue Hydrangeas… quite a striking colour combination I can tell you!

So there I was last night, watching The Mentalist, when out of the corner of my eye something moved, and I heard a noise… ‘pfft’.  Now, it has been known for my two lovely kitties to catch a mouse and bring it back to the flat alive, because that is more impressive, no? So that was the first thing that crossed my mind as I whipped my feet up off the floor….

… but that noise was my Peonies vomiting their Red Charm, all over my carpet.

Very Sad.

To console myself I might nip over to Manchester and see five hunks dancing around, reminding myself of my teenage yers.  Yay!


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