Fantastic Foliage!

Foliage is something that often gets overlooked in a bouquet… I admit it myself, I always used to see it as the least exciting part of a design, after the pretty colourful flowers, giftwrap, ribbons , bells and whistles that go into a bouquet

However, since opening my shop, and getting to see just what is on offer at my wholesaler, I started to become more adventurous with my leaves.  Gone was the standard eucalyptus and salal, and in came grasses, twigs, and tropical leaves.

One of the Design School students' foliage creations

We even dedicated an entire class of our Design School to a design that was just foliage.  The ladies were a bit dubious the week before when I told them, but their designs at the end of the class were beautiful and they lasted for weeks… maybe even months!  What better value for money could that be?

So every Tuesday I get a little excited (actually a lot excited!), because it is the day I usually get my local delivery.  Rob has a nursery a few miles away from the shop and brings me a bootful of freshly cut foliage, bamboo, grasses and other delights.

Today was no exception when he arrived with armfuls of Aucuba, Fatsia, Phormium, Griselinia, and the biggest, fattest, Laurel leaves I have ever seen! 

I also had a special treat, with a preview of some new flowers he is growing this year… some gorgeous Sweet William and delicate Verbascum. 

I realise that in the UK, our climate is not favourable to home-grown flowers, and even Rob grows most of his flowers in greenhouses and polytunnels to protect them from the harsh Manx weather, so these locally grown treats are only available for a very short season.  But it is a short season that I am more that happy to support.  Maybe I will discuss the pros and cons of this subject in more detail in a later blog… but in the meantime, feast your eyes!

And what did McVitie think of all this excitement?  Not a lot.  Muttered something about ‘posh sticks’ and then went for a lie down.

 Well, I’m off home now to do some baking… we had a gazillion limes left over from a wedding consultation and I am toying between making Key Lime Pie, or Courgette and Lime cake.  Or maybe a bucketful of Mojitos.  Or G & T.  I will let you know tomorrow!


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