Dog Blog….

Hi… I’m McVitie….McVitie the Dog

Some of you may recognise me from The Flower Studio as I have the occasional day out there, but as Mum & Dad have gone to Romania to help the charity Hands of Hope, I am having a proper holiday!

So while Auntie Heidi is busy faffing about with flowers, I thought I would show you some of my experiences at The Flower Studio  In all fairness I am only sticking around here because the Tynwald Pet Centre is around the corner, and sometimes people drop tasty treats on the way back to their car!

So anyway, today was a pretty hectic day as Heidi and the girls were preparing and delivering flowers for Lorraine & Marks wedding… which meant not much time for cuddles 😦  We did have fun at St Luke’s Church creating an archway of flowers over the church door.  It was windy.  Very Windy. See… my ears are nearly blowing off my head!

Floral Archway at St Luke's Church

Off home now… hopefully for a bound on Ramsey Beach, and then collapse on the sofa.  My sofa!


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