>My Heart Belongs to You….

>So, to celebrate the start of our working week (!) I thought I would show you how to make one of our popular heart designs from The Flower Studio.  The beauty of this design is that it can be made to any size, for any occasion and using a wide range of materials… so you can either follow the instructions to the letter, or make the design more unique and personal to yourself.


Twigs – we have used Birch, but any can be used, so long as they have a bit of bend in them!
Scented foliage or herbs, such as rosemary and eucalyptus
Twine, or string
Ribbon or raffia
Butterflies or other cute accessories
Silk Flowers– you can use real, but don’t expect them to last much longer than 1 or 2 days.

1 – divide the twigs into two even(ish) bundles
2 – tie the two bundles at one end to make a ‘V’ shape
3 – Bend over one side of the ‘V’ and tie to the lower half of the other side
4 – repeat with the other half of the ‘V’ to make your heart.  If you are using bushy twigs, you might need to bind in or snip off any loose ends – depends how neat you want your heart to be!
5 – tie or wedge in small pieces of your foliage around the edge of the heart

Make a bow for the centre of the heart and a loop to hang it up and then attach the butterflies and flowers to the outside.

This design has been used quite often for weddings, but can also make a gorgeous gift for a loved one… and with Mother’s day less than 3 weeks away, we think you should get those creative juices flowing!

Here are two more versions of the design, this time using fresh flowers.

Have fun!

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