>Wake up and smell the Narcissi!

>At last, a sunny day, blue skies and only a breath of wind, could Spring be on its way?  Well, it certainly is in The Flower Studio, with the arrival of cut Hyacinth and Narcissi this week. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath and you almost forget about all the snow and ice that lay on the ground a few weeks ago!

A beautiful mixed Spring flower bouquet is guaranteed to make anyone smile, but for a more longlasting gift, we also have a selection of planted bulbs, including Muscari, Amaryllis, Tulip, Hyacinth and Narcissi.  Most of these bulbs aren’t in flower yet so to add a splash of colour to the design we have accessorised with cute toadstools, fabric daisy flowers, twigs and ribbons.

And we mustn’t forget our Plant of the Month… the pretty Crocus!  In the Garden Centre we have pots of Crocus bulbs in purple, yellow and white, ready to plant in your garden for a special price of £3 per pot.  Crocus are usually one of the first Spring flowers to appear and are great for naturalising under trees or hedges to give dark areas of the garden a splash of colour.
We also have Crocus vases, in sets of 3 which are perfect for growing on a windowsill and then the bulbs can be planted outside to flower again next year.

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